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Welcome to the Two’s Preschool Program!

(1:8 Ratio):

We believe in creating many life long, positive memories in our classroom. This classroom is filled with children at that age who are constantly seeking attention and praise daily. This is the room where they see themselves as independent individuals who love having all eyes on them! Yes, the 2-year-old stage can be challenging, but our classroom is especially created for children whom we adore. From circle time to outside play to toilet training, it all happens in here. We enjoy caring for your child on a daily basis and look forward to getting to know your family. Full Day and Part Time Preschool Available.

Below is an overview of what to expect in the two year old room.

Self-help Skills:

A big part of being two years old is becoming independent. It is a very confusing time for the child and can be very frustrating for us adults as well. Here are a few things we will be encouraging your child to do on their own. We would greatly appreciate you do the same as much as possible.
• Pulling up and down their pants
• Drinking from a cup without a lid
• Putting on/off their coat
• Washing hands
• Putting on/off their shoes
• Using their words
• Using fork/spoon

Potty Training:

When your child is about 2 ½ years old we will be encouraging them to use the toilet. They will probably have started to show signs of readiness. Then we will begin teaching them the skills they will need to toilet train. Information will be available at any given time we feel the child is ready!

Expressive Art:

When the children are expressing themselves through art they tend to be messy. We will do our best to keep them clean by providing smocks and washing them off right away. There are going to be times when they will still have art evidence from their creative side when you come to pick-up. Please keep in mind they are exploring and having fun.


We are not just going to be coloring and painting. We believe your child can begin their education right here in our classroom! We will work with ABC’s, 123’s, shapes, and colors. We will encourage the children to learn to identify as much as possible. There will be many activities that will go on in the classroom. Many activities include being read to daily, learning new songs, learning from flashcards, simple sign language and Spanish, practicing with scissors & much, much more. Along with that they will get to explore with sensory activities such as water, textures, shaving cream, goop, and much more!

Curriculum Portfolios:

Beginning with the 2-year-old classroom, in addition to the academics program, we will introduce curriculum portfolios to the children. Curriculum Portfolios are specifically designed to age and have many different activities within the folder that measures your child’s skill level. Teachers keep track of your child’s progress throughout the year and measure their developing skills. Each curriculum portfolio is kept in the classroom and will transition with your child into the next classroom. At the end of June, each child will be given their curriculum portfolio for parents to review. Teachers also have the opportunity to comment on their developing skills throughout the year. Feedback to parents is extremely important while your child is in care. Please feel free to browse through a sample curriculum portfolio to see what your child will be learning.


After lunch the children will lay down for a nap. We encourage them to sleep and will help them by sitting next to them and rubbing backs. Not all children sleep and that’s ok. Please bring in a blanket for your child to have at rest time and if they need a stuffed animal. Please limit to one blanket and one stuffed animal. Please label all belongings. All blankets must be taken home to be cleaned by the end of the week.

Family Picture:

Sometimes the children may get sad or upset and to see a face that they know is calming for them. So we ask that you provide a family photo to be displayed in the classroom.

Star of the Week:

Each child will have a turn to shine and show off things about themselves. With the help of family they can create a display poster with pictures highlighting family members, favorite toys, foods they like etc. BE CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN! The teachers will notify you by letter when it is your child’s turn.


We understand that every child is different. If your child is still taking a pacifier we will help you break the habit. We will allow it ONLY during naptime. It must be left in the hallway cubbies. We will try not to use it at all. We will keep you posted of the progress and hopefully together we can help eliminate that habit.

Children’s File Folders/Cubbies:

Each child will have a file folder in which teachers will place their daily artwork, projects, and information from teachers and management. Please remember to check it every night upon pick up.

Wish List:

We are always very grateful for anything that you no longer need or use, that we could use in the classroom. Donations are always welcomed. Any old treasures will be new treasures in our classroom! Please feel free to donate items of no use from your family. We can turn anything into art projects or sensory items in a flash!!!

Should you have any questions regarding our classroom, philosophies, policies or procedures, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to provide high quality care for your child and give your peace of mind. Thank you.

Items needed for our classroom:
1. Blanket for nap time, labeled
2. extra clothes, a complete set, labeled
3. diapers
4. wipes
5. rash cream, labeled
6. Family photo
7. Liners and underwear if potty training

*We accept children who are not potty trained*

Welcome to the 3-4 year old Preschool Program!

(1:10 Ratio):

Parent Information listed below describes the fun and learning activities children experience every day in our preschool program. Our main focus is to provide a safe environment full of new learning experiences for every child to enhance their uniqueness and prepare them for a bright future in kindergarten. We love to have parents become involved as part of the program, so please don’t hesitate if you have a comment, suggestion, or want to visit with us during the day. We want to welcome you and your family into our program. Full Day and Part Day Preschool Available.

Circle Time:

Circle time give us the opportunity to engage in cognitive and social skills. During this time children practice their language and listening skills. We learn and talk about the days of the week, months and seasons of the year, colors, shapes, letters and sounds. We also explore math concepts, practice counting, identifying numbers, adding and subtracting, as well as to tell the time.

Book Concept:

It is really important and helpful for children to learn what a title, an author, and an illustrator is when introducing new books to the children. While reading to the children, we teach them these important skills to help them in their elementary years.

Sight Words:

It is really fun for children to be able to recognize and read words. First we sound out each letter, and then we read it as one word. Our goal is to teach our students at least ten words and have them read simple sentences with those ten sight words.


We introduce Spanish in our program. Children learn the colors, numbers, shapes, days of the week, and some songs in Spanish. We take advantage of every little opportunity to teach the children Spanish.

Show and Tell:

Every Friday we have show and tell. The children get to bring something that begins with the Letter of the Week or the Color of the Month to show and discuss with our class. Children get to practice their listening and language skills, by asking questions, taking turns talking and listening to each other. Learning these skills is very important when facilitating classroom discussions.

Letter Of The Week:

This is another exciting activity we implement in our program. Students take turns working on The Letter of the Week. We begin by tracing the letter at school and then sending it home with the child to decorate and glue anything that begins with that letter. What a fun way to learn!


Computers are a large part of our preschool program. Children are encouraged to learn new strategies, skills, and concepts through computer games and programs. This is a good way to enhance their cognitive skills and develop new ones. Children love working together on the computer and we incorporate the computer into our program every day.

Star Of The Week:

Every child has an opportunity to “The Star of the Week”. Each parent will receive a Star of the Week letter indicating when it is your child’s turn. It is a very fun experience for every child to put their poster together describing their family members, pets, favorite vacations, etc. with pictures, stickers, and decorations. During circle time, The Star of the Week child has a chance to shine like real stars while showing their posters and explaining their pictures to our class. It gives the children the opportunity to get to know each other better. Parents really get involved with this project!

Family Tree:

We encourage families in our program to bring a family picture to be display on our Family Tree Board. It will give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other’s family throughout the year.

File Folders:

Every child has a file folder with his/her name located in the classroom by the main door or a location in the cubbie. Please remember to check it every day for art projects and other important information from management and teachers. Sometimes parents will invite other children to their child’s birthday party and you might receive birthday invitations and/or thank you cards in your child’s file folder.

Rest Time:

After lunch the children are encouraged to take a nap. If your child is not tired enough to take a nap, they have an opportunity to rest on their cots for a short time with a quiet activity. During this rest period, teachers have the opportunity to clean up the classroom and prepare for afternoon activities. Usually children take advantage of this time and take good naps. We like having the children rest during this time because this allows them to be fresh for the afternoon activities.

Items Needed for Our Classroom:
1. A change of clothes (must be labeled)
2. Blanket and a small pillow
3. Your family picture
4. Please have your child come dressed in appropriate outdoor shoes.
5. Sunscreen, labeled

Wish Lists:

Put your household trash into good use! As a childcare facility, we encourage families to support our Center by donating any household, crafts, or simple items in which will be disposed of. These items will be used for projects throughout the year. Our classrooms are always in need of items such as brown paper bags, sequence, sewing items, old clothing for dress up, paper, etc. These items can be turned into wonderful art or engaging activities. Thank you for your help!

Thank you for visiting our classroom, we hope you come to join us for some fun. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to getting to know your family while caring for your child!