4’s & 5’s Pre-Kindergarten Program!
Ratio 1:10 4’s & 5’s

The information listed below will give you an overview of some of the highlights of the morning Pre-K program. The program is to prepare the children and be ready for Kindergarten.
Letter and Word Recognition:
We sound out letters and words all morning long. Every letter has a sound, and this is how children learn to sound out words. We try to get them to be enthusiastic about reading. Reading is the foundation of all learning.
Daily Worksheets:
The kids do worksheets every day. Most of the kids ask for the worksheets because they love the challenge. We do letters, sight words, shapes, colors, and math papers. This also builds their attention span for sitting for a long period of time.
Science and Math:
Science and Math are all about hands-on. We do many science projects like moldy bread, plants growing in baggies, and lighting a light bulb using a potato, just to name a few.
Long-Term Projects:
The class really enjoys engaging in long-term projects. Their favorite seems to be science. To help the children learn how to do hands-on activities and have them complete their own projects, they get to experience the whole project, learning the process from start to finish.
Star of the Week:
Parents will be asked to put together a poster with your child containing your family’s fun events, or special moments that will be displayed for friends to see. The week before it’s your child’s turn to be Star of the Week, paperwork with all the information will be sent home.
Wish List:
We are always very grateful for anything that you no longer need or use, that we could use in the classroom. Donations are always welcomed. Any old treasures will be new treasures in our classroom!
Items Needed in Classroom:
1. Extra change of clean clothes, labeled.
2. Great Attitude and lots of smiles!!!!!
Family Photos:
Please bring in a family photo for our classroom. The kids love looking at everyone’s families.
Children’s File Folders/Cubbies:
Please check on a daily basis. Important information will be sent home in these folders/cubbies.
Thank you for your interest in our program.