Parents Testimonials and Reviews

Dan N – 5star
Our daughter has been to 3 different Preschools over the last year and a half. The third time was truly the charm! She loves going to school every day and when she comes home and we ask her how school was, every time her response is “Great”! She has come a long way in the 3 months she has been there (we were worried whether she would be ready for Kindergarten) and now has gained a great passion for school. Ms. Katie, Ms. Jen and Ms. Theresa are all phenomenal with the kids. They all care about each and every one of their students. They are on top of everything the students need to know to be ready for Kindergarten and are fully prepared to give the students the tools they need to have a successful Kindergarten year. Anyone looking for a preschool that will prepare your child for Kindergarten, this is the place for you! April 6, 2016 

Kristen C reviewed Little Learner Children’s Academy Campus Childcare Center/Preschool — 5 star

I cannot begin to describe my gratitude to Little Learners for helping my child grow and prosper. We decided to enroll my 2 year old about 5 months ago when we were noticing he had some speech delays and we wanted him to be more involved with children his age. After speaking to Jenny on the phone and looking at online reviews we had a meeting and decided this would be the perfect fit for our son. I was treated kindly, my questions were answered, and I felt safe dropping my son off in their care. I love sending my child here because I feel they truly care for him and help provide him with structure, support, and fun while we are at work. My son has truly grown, he is talking more, plays with children his own age, and I feel like he has grown for the better. Little Learners provides a clean, safe, healthy environment for kids and I would recommend it to anyone who requires daycare/preschool for their child.


Nita R reviewed Little Learner Children’s Academy Campus Childcare Center/Preschool — 5 star

I can go on, and on about how amazing this school/daycare is, the teachers are caring, loving, compassionate and fun, my son has been attending this school for several months now and have seen such improvement in him, they always have something fun and educative going on for the kids, the facility is always clean and smelling nice! Love this place!


Melissa K reviewed Little Learner Children’s Academy Campus Childcare Center/Preschool — 5 star

This place has given me a new look on daycare. I have two daughters. One is 11 and the other is 3. I have always had family watching them since birth so I could work without worry. I found LLCA earlier this year when we moved to Channahon and I am so glad I did! My little one absolutely loves it and the teachers. Every day I ask her, “how was your day?” The answer every time, “good”. I can go to work knowing she’s safe, having fun, and learning! I couldn’t ask for more. – Satisfied mom



Cheryl P reviewed Little Learner Children’s Academy Campus Childcare Center/Preschool — 5 star

Our daughter has only been going here for a few weeks, but we have already seen tremendous growth and academic progress. She is excited to come to Little Learners every morning, and actually gets sad on Saturday mornings when she can’t go! It’s so reassuring to know that she is in such good hands, and having a wonderful time while we are at work.



Christin L reviewed Little Learner Children’s Academy Campus Childcare Center/Preschool — 5 star

Could not have asked for a better school for my Daughter! The teachers are all very caring and compassionate about the children. Sad we had to move away.

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Jeanette R reviewed Little Learner Children’s Academy Campus Childcare Center/Preschool — 5 star

Went for a tour beautiful place and people are very friendly and welcoming, it’s very family orientated and honestly I loved the way handle my questions. I enrolled my 3 year old daughter in there and I’m very happy I found this place thank you so much


Zarine D reviewed Little Learner Children’s Academy Campus Childcare Center/Preschool — 5 star

Love the warm and friendly environment! Great location.

Shaan R.

Great place!!! It is small enough where your kids will get the attention they deserve. The staff is caring, educated, and they genuinely love what they do. They don’t just take care of your children, they teach them. I think by the time my child reaches Kindergarten they will know more than the average child because of this excellent place!!! I highly recommend it.


Noel & Regina J.

We chose Little Learner’s after evaluating many of the daycare centers in the area.  We analyzed different aspects of the daycare service that I’m sure would concern most parents: secure access, curriculum, class layout, price, meals, activities, etc.  Staff proficiency, continuing education, and overall love for children was also very important.  We wanted to make sure we provided our son with daycare that closely rivaled the care we give: a balance between helicoptering and free range, the widest frame of references drawing on various viewpoints and life experiences; something he would find nourishing the soul as much as the mind – teaching poise, reflection and confidence over noise, blind action and timid behavior.

We believe Little Learner’s provides these capabilities in abundance.  We like the open layout and the mix of ages in the class; we believe this helps our son understand the nuances of networking w/people of all age groups and backgrounds.  We like the fact that Little Learner’s gathers our input on areas to focus on in lesson plans.  We like that they’re open to trying new concepts – like teaching a different language, math, explaining money, investing in educational software, etc. in addition to teaching shapes, colors, letters & numbers.

Above all the one thing that does stand out is the quality of care.  We know all the staff at Little Learner’s loves our son.  This is apparent in how they act with him and how they communicate with us.  They make eye contact and smile as they interact – drawing the kids into the conversation.  They provide positive reinforcement and boundless hugs and this goes a long way in nurturing a child.

One thing is clear – that the world our children will inherit will be vastly different than the ones we grew up in.  We are happy with the positive role that Little Learner’s got to play in readying our son for this future.

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