Welcome to the Infant/Toddler Daycare Program:

Infants 6 weeks to 15 months

(1:4 Ratio):

Welcome to the Infant Room! In addition to all the love and attention your child receives, our classroom focuses on enhancing various skills throughout the day. Primarily, our teaching staff offers the highest level of care for your infant. Secondary, our teaching staff develops skills such as gross and fine motor skills, language, social skills, science and sensory, math, art, music, and more through our curriculum lesson plans. Below is an overview of what to expect when your infant is in care. Thank you for inquiring about our classroom and the opportunity to care for your child. We look forward to getting to know your family.

Caring for your Infant:

Our classroom prides itself on offering high quality childcare for your infant. Our staff is attentive and dedicated to your child’s needs throughout the day. Teacher-child interaction is very important to us as a Childcare Center.

One of the most important qualities our staff offers in the infant room is LOVE for our children. We rock a child that is having a bad day in the rocking chair and we pick up and cuddle with a baby that is crying. We are constantly sitting on the floor talking and playing with the babies. They get a ton of attention from the teachers all day long.

Building Relationships:

We believe an infant needs a consistent and loving caregiver. Someone who is always there when they cry, need to eat, need to sleep, or when they just need a hug and some love. We are always there to give love and affection to the babies! We insist on building a solid relationship of trust between the parent, caregiver, and child.

Learning Through Play:

We look for ‘teachable moments’ where teachers can guide children to learn through play. While your child interacts with staff, we also encourage your child to interact with other children. Teaching children, at a young age, to share with each other and take turns is an important skill to learn at an early age.

Lesson Plans & Activities:

Our team of teachers consistently plans and implement activities throughout the day. We encourage growth and development by planning age appropriate, fun, activities for infants to participate in. Our lesson plans are posted on our parent boards for parents to review.

Parent Boards:

Our classroom has one parent board located inside and outside the classroom for parents to review. Please check for information such as lesson plans, child sickness, lunch menu, upcoming events, newsletters, and other important information. Our parent boards are updated weekly to keep parents informed.

Family Picture:

Sometimes the children may get sad or upset and to see a face that they know is calming for them. So we ask that you provide a family photo to be displayed in the classroom.

Tummy Time:

Throughout the day, our staff encourages children to work on their muscles by offering a tummy time. This is usually a brief period of time a couple of times per day. Tummy time encourages children to develop their gross motor skills by pushing up on with their arms. Eventually, the child will learn to crawl from this position. Having infants getting used to being on their bellies is an important step for the development process. We love playing with infants on their bellies!

Simple Sign Language:

Our staff enhances the communication process through simple sign language. We teach children certain key words like more, please, all done, thank you, love, help, etc. Various signs are taught throughout the day while in care. We continue teaching the children simple sign language when your child transitions into the toddler room. There is a poster located within the room that displays the sign language taught to the children. Should your child perform a certain hand motion at home and you do not know what it means, don’t be afraid to ask!

Child Schedule Forms:

Each child has their own schedule and we follow what every child needs. Parents can update their child’s schedule as the child grows in age and their needs change. Please complete a new child schedule form should your child’s schedule need to be updated. Child schedule forms are located in the classroom.

Child Transitions:

The transition schedule process begins at about 13-14 months of age, depending on your child’s development. During this time, when infants begin showing signs of leaving the infant stage and entering the toddler stage, we introduce a new schedule. Your toddler will begin learning new skills such as sleeping on a cot, drinking from a cup, and using utensils. We practice these skills until they are ready to transition to the toddler schedule within the classroom.

Diaper Changes:

Diapers are changed every two hours, unless needed. All diaper changes are recorded on the daily sheets and marked with the teacher’s initials upon changing. All little hands are washed after diaper changes to prevent germs from spreading.

Cribs & Personal Belongings:

Every crib in the classroom is labeled with a child’s name and schedule on it. Each child is assigned their own crib, unless they have to share depending on the child’s schedule. In rare cases, a child may have two cribs in the classroom depending on the classroom schedule. If that is the case, each day the crib sheet will be changed and the crib will be sanitized. There is a storage bin for your child’s belongings. Please store your extra diapers, wipes, clothes and whatever else they want to bring. Please take home your child’s blanket on Fridays to be washed.

Items Needed to Bring to Daycare…

Cereal/special snacks
Nursery Water
Jar Food

What the Childcare Center Provides…

Crib Sheets
Meals (Breakfast & Lunch)/ Infant Cereal
Snacks (2 per day)
Whole Milk
Drinking Cups

*It is crucial that all items are labeled with your child’s name on it. All bottles must be dated and labeled for use. Please take home all empty bottles, jar foods, etc. for sanitary purposes upon pick up*

Daily Sheets:

Parents are required to fill out daily sheets at drop off with the child’s name, last diaper change, and last feeding. Each child will have a completed daily sheet form outlining how your child did for the day upon pick up. Information on your child’s needs, such as supplies, eating, sleeping, diapering, etc. is updated on this form. Please read carefully. Also, your child will have a daily sheet with information being sent home for parents each day. These daily sheets plus any additional forms must be taken home daily!

Daily Sign-In & Sign – Out Procedures & Washing Child’s Hands:

Upon drop-off and pick-up, please sign your child in and out. This attendance record is important in the security process for our classroom. We also ask that you please wash your child’s hands upon drop-off before being cared for. Thank you.

Classroom Cleaning:

All classroom materials; high chairs, counters, fridge, changing table, toys, cribs, infant seats, etc. are consistently sanitized and cleaned throughout the day. From mopping, vacuuming, to washing crib rails, we ensure that we maintain a high level of cleanliness for your infant.