Little Learner Children’s Academy preschool program is theme-based with Montessori teaching and learning centers designed to provide children with experiences that encourage growth in all areas of development by involving them in their environment. We also use the Jolly Phonics teaching method used in many Kindergarten classrooms with A ‘theme-based’ curriculum that is usually defined as a set of activities or projects that all relate to a larger concept or broad topic, facilitating children’s understanding from multiple angles while engaging different learning styles. Our setting includes the necessary materials for children to learn important kindergarten readiness skills and concepts to prepare them for the next level of their education. Programs such as “Letter of the Week” and “Number of the Week” help to equip our students with the essential buildings blocks of learning.

Understanding the process of learning: The BIG question is how do we accomplish the next generation of learning? Here at Little Learner Children’s Academy the first step we take a look at some of the common building blocks of early childhood educations: shapes, colors, letters, and numbers, known collectively as SCLANs, and then zoom out. A little further. Keep going. There. With a wider lens, those old concerns about whether your 2-year-old knows her colors or your 4-year-old knows his letters look really small. Instead we see that there is a whole world out there to discover alongside our children.

Instead of teaching letters, let’s inspire reading and writing with stories from great children’s literature.

Instead of teaching colors, let’s provide space and materials to create art.

Instead of teaching numbers, let’s immerse ourselves in the mathematical beauty of nature and music.

Instead of sitting in a classroom, let’s go out into the world and breathe fresh air, help others, and find complex problems to solve.

Our educated teachers are thoroughly trained and screened. All of our teachers have earned a degree in Early Childhood or are working towards a degree in Early Childhood. We require continuing education of 15 hours throughout the year to assure our teachers are excelling. Our teaching staff provides a loving, caring environment for children to learn and grow.

Goals: To add to their knowledge and physical, social, and emotional development by observing and interacting with peers, adults, and materials within the classroom.

To increase a child’s knowledge of, and ability to become involved in and make sense of the world by doing, interacting, exploring, and experiencing.

To enhance their performance in group experiments and projects, independent exploration time and group reading.

To Learn, Connect, and Grow and Build Character for a Lifetime.